In order to add new users to your Mailytics account you first need to access the settings screen. The settings screen can be found by hovering over your username on the top right side of your screen and clicking settings. Once in settings select the "Users" option found on the left side. Now you are in the "User Settings" where you can see all the users currently associated with your account. Now to add a new user to the account click on the green "Add New User"  button which will launch the "Add User" dialogue box. You will be prompted to fill out the name of the new user, their email address and the account type. The account types you can assign to the new user are User, Admin and Owner so choose the type based on what kind of access you wish the new user to have. After everything is filled out just click save and the new user will receive a confirmation email. Follow the instructions in this email and the user will be added to your account.