In order to get the most out of Mailytics it is essential to follow companies. In order to follow relevant companies Mailytics provides an Explore feature which displays any companies that can be deemed as competition. You can find the explore tab on the left sidepanel and by clicking on it you will be taken to the Explore page. Here you can see the list of companies in our database which are relevant to your buisness based on the specifications you entered when creating your account. This list will help you see who are the major players in your industry and will also help you to get started gathering useful information on your competition. Once you find a company in Explore that you want to follow then simply click the "follow company" button and you will start gathering their newsletters. And ofcourse you can still follow any companies of your choice if they are not in our database, Explore is meant to give you a starting point and provide you with relevant information onĀ the competition in your industry.