The email lists feature allows you to organize your emails into lists of your choice. For example you can create a list for Christmas related newsletters and have all christmas emails in one spot. Or you could create a list for the emails you do not like and then use this list as examples for what not to do in your email campaigns. You can organize the emails however you deem fit, the lists you create are completely up to you. 

To create and organize your lists, click on the "Email Lists" tab on the left side panel. On this page you will see the option to create a new list as well as any lists you have already created. You will also see the Favorites list which is a default list. Now to begin adding emails to your lists, go to the archive and look through the newsletters of your followed companies. When you find an email you wish to add to a list, hover over the newsletter and right under the "Show Detail" button you will see the option "Add to List". Once you click on "Add to List" all you need to do is check off the list you wish to add the email to, or if you wish to create a new list then just type in the name of your new list where it says "new list". You can also create a new list in the "Email Lists" tab by clicking on "Create new list".

Anytime you create a list or add emails to a list they will be displayed in the "Email Lists" tab.